acupuncture pain Nottingham

The Acupuncture Pain Centre (Nottingham)

Based in Bramcote near Nottingham, The Acupuncture Pain Centre specialises in providing you with complementary healthcare to help diagnosed painful conditions, whether internal or external and whether recent or long term. Although treatment is largely based around acupuncture, you may also be offered dietary/nutritional/lifestyle advice. Each person will be treated differently.

Keeping You Safe

We are open for careful practice according to Covid – 19 secure guidelines. Cleaning, Ventilation, handwashing, social distancing, face masks, fully vaccinated. 

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acupuncture pain Nottingham

Musculoskeletal Pain

You have pain or discomfort and have had enough! Perhaps your joints and muscles hurt. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, with its long history is renowned for treating pain and there is a growing… [Musculoskeletal pain…]

acupuncture pain Nottingham

Internal Pain

You have been diagnosed with a painful or debilitating condition that has left you feeling sore or uncomfortable. You’re receiving medical treatment to stabilise the condition, but wonder… [Internal pain…]

acupuncture pain Nottingham

Sports Injuries

Acupuncture works to help maintain your body’s equilibrium. It involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body to regulate the flow of ‘qi’, your body’s vital energy… [Sports injuries…]


Martin Dean

All pain relief work at the Acupuncture Centre (Nottingham) is carried out to the highest standards by Martin Dean who is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. Martin has over 27 years of practitioner experience and was a lecturer in acupuncture for the University of Lincoln for ten years. Although he is experienced in treating a wide range of conditions, he takes a special interest in male and female fertility issues. He also practices comfortable needling technique, and is an experienced practitioner of Tai Chi Ch’uan for maintaining health and understanding how the body really moves.

acupuncture pain nottingham

A Co-ordinated Approach

Acupuncture is a tried and tested system of traditional medicine, which has been used in China and other eastern cultures for thousands of years. It is known to restore, promote and maintain good health.

The treatment is widely considered to be beneficial for a range of symptoms resulting from illness, from clearly defined complaints or to improve general feelings of wellbeing and help with relaxation.



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Takes Covid 19 Very Seriously

Martin is very professional and I can safely say takes Covid 19 very seriously. Standards were high. I went in with a neck spasm, dreadful pain and could hardly move the neck from side to side. With his treatment I was able to move the neck again but not full mobility. By Tuesday I had

July 23, 2020

We recommend you consult a registered medical practitioner before commencing a course of acupuncture. Please also mention your intention to start acupuncture treatment with us.

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